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Recipe: Sour and The Worm

Mangrove Jack's Raspberr Berliner Weisse with M42 Yeast

Halloween calls for tequila and the worm, so why not do the same with beer? Get your homebrew Halloween fix with this Sour and The Worm recipe.

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Recipe: Candy Shots Pilsner

Mangrove Jack's Pils Pouch with M54 Yeast and Top Shelf Candy Shots Flavouring

We've combined candy and beer in this experimental recipe so you can get your Halloween homebrew fix with Mangrove Jack's. Halloween is all about the sweet treats after all!

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Recipe: Hazelnut Coffee Porter

Mangrove Jack's Rustic Brown Ale, Workingmans Stout and M15 Yeast

We're celebrating International Coffee Day with this Hazelnut Coffee Porter recipe that is based on Rogue's Hazelnut Brown Nectar. This brew offers a hazelnut aroma with a rich, nutty flavour and a...

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Recipe: Brandy Snap Brown Ale

Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Pouch with Light Liquid Malt Extract and M15 Yeast

This Brandy Snap Brown Ale recipe is inspired by Lagunitas Brown Shugga' and is a toned-down version of the American strong ale with a dry-sweet finish.

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Recipe: Black IPA

Beer Glasses with Mangrove Jack's Products

With IPA Day being celebrated on the 6th of August, now is the perfect time to brew something a little bit different in celebration. This Black IPA is one fine hoppy beer. We think you’ll love this...

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Recipe: Blueberry Apple Melomel

Mangrove Jack's M05 Mead Yeast over illustrated apples, blueberries and honey

Fruit and honey go together as well as, well fruit and honey. Melomels are their name and deliciousness is their game! This week we’ll be sharing a recipe for a Blueberry Apple Melomel with a red...

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Recipe: Dry Wildflower Mead

Mead in a glass surrounded by wildflowers and Mangrove Jack's M05 Mead Yeast

Let's put what we've learned about mead this week to the test by brewing this delicious traditional Dry Wildflower Mead. This recipe delivers a delicate mead characteristic of the wild honey that...

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Recipe: West Coast Blonde Ale

Mangrove Jack's Australian Blonde Dry and Kveik Yeast with Beer Glass by the Ocean

To celebrate the launch of our new Kveik Yeast, we're sharing this recipe for an easy-drinking Blonde Ale fermented with Kveik. This light golden, light-bodied beer is clear with a hint of fruity...

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Recipe: Gin & Tonic Saison

Mangrove Jack's Australian Blonde Dry with M29 Yeast

As a nod to World Gin Day this June, we've put a botanical twist on this Belgian Ale recipe for a fruity, spicy beer with a very dry finish. Pale and refreshing, this style perfectly complements the...

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Recipe: Passion Fruit Apple Cider

Mangrove Jack's Brewers Cider with Passionfruit Flavouring

This super simple recipe combines two of our products to put a tropical twist on a crisp, refreshing apple cider.

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