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Recipe: Sour and The Worm

Mangrove Jack's Raspberr Berliner Weisse with M42 Yeast

Halloween calls for tequila and the worm, so why not do the same with beer? Get your homebrew Halloween fix with this Sour and The Worm recipe.

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Recipe: Candy Shots Pilsner

Mangrove Jack's Pils Pouch with M54 Yeast and Top Shelf Candy Shots Flavouring

We've combined candy and beer in this experimental recipe so you can get your Halloween homebrew fix with Mangrove Jack's. Halloween is all about the sweet treats after all!

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Recipe: Australian Pale Ale

Recipe - Australian Pale Ale

A refreshing and flavourful Aussie favourite - Australian Pale Ale. 

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Recipe: Backyard Cricket IPL

Mangrove Jack's Craft Series American IPA with Pure LME Light and M54 Yeast

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, during the summer we play cricket's equivalent of "stickball" called "Backyard Cricket" - an improvised, shortened and miniaturised version of the game.

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Recipe: Cranberry Berliner Sour Ale

Mangrove Jack's Berliner Sour Ale with M20 Yeast and beer glass

Nothing suits a hot summer day (or any day for sour beer fans) like a fruited Berliner. Even though cranberries are typically harvested in autumn, they are available pretty much all year round, in...

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Recipe: Aussie Classic Gold

Mangrove Jack's Australian Gold Lager with M76 Bavarian Yeast

Everyone has a favourite classic, right? Here at Mangrove Jack's, we wanted to create some delicious beers inspired by the classics you know and love. If you're a fan of XXXX Gold, try this recipe...

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Recipe: Citrus Lager

Mangrove Jack's Brewers Series Pilsner with Top Shelf Citrus Flavouring

Us lucky folk down under are slowly making our way back towards summer so it's almost time to crack out some light and refreshing beers to keep us cool. We've whipped up this Citrus Lager recipe...

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